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Nanotechnology is the Key to the Future

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the science of constructing components, instruments, materials, and systems at a nanometer level that suggests near atomic. The term nano is synonymous with one billionth.

Therefore, in nanotechnology, the works and operations occur on the scale of 1/1, 000,000, 000 of a total meter. Such measurement or the size is so small and thin. It’s about 100, 000 times thinner and smaller than a strand of hair.

An atom, which is the building block of matter, is about it small. For example, a DNA molecule, life’s routine and fundamental basis of human genetics, is just two nanometers in length.

If a substance is of this dimension, it’s anticipated to possess distinctive chemical and physical properties that are caused by several factors like the substantial rise in the surface area of the material as compared with its quantity which occurs when the particle becomes smaller.

Is Nanotechnology Important?

Nanotechnology is playing a very important role today and in the future to change and improve each facet of human pursuits. Nanotechnology influences a lot of materials used for significant items that are manufacturing.

These substances include biomaterials, ceramics, metals, and polymers. The new and advanced materials formed by nanotechnology are the origin of most significant technological advances.

As of today, nanotechnology is used on following industrial applications:

Sunscreen Lotion –

Through zinc oxide particles that have a nano dimension, ultraviolet rays are absorbed and reflected. Consequently, sunscreen lotions appear clear and therefore are smooth when implemented.

Self-cleaning and scratch proof window –

This type of window is really coated with a unique material which has to identify chemical properties. After the sun shines on these self-cleaning windows, the material begins to have a chemical reaction and results in breaking down the dirt on it.

In addition, if there’s rain, no droplets are formed. The rain evenly distributed over the window and it washes away the dirt which was broken down. The nanoscale controls the thickness of the coating.

Bouncing tennis ball –

These balls are specially covered with a nano-sized material. The atomic barrier of a sphere which formed because of those minute particles catches the particles of air, thus, making the tennis ball bouncier.

Other notable uses of Nanotechnology:

  • The organic light emitting diodes – for monitor or Television screen displays
  • Photoelectric film – for conversion of light to electricity.
  • Hip joint – formed by biomaterials. – Bucky Tube Frame – this is light, but remarkably quite strong material.
  • Nanoparticle paint – used to avoid corrosion
  • Thermochromic glass – modulates light.
  • Layers – used for compacted data memory storage.
  • Carbon Nanotube – fuel cells used to operate automobiles and electronics.

At the future, nanotechnology can change the theories and applications that we all believe and utilize. The fields of production, info technology, electronics and communications possess really advance the future if nanotechnology is further enhanced.

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